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  • We had the absolute best experience with Uber Movers! They were able to come a little early and they got to work the second they got there. I was... Read More »
  • Customer Service was OUTSTANDING!! My husband and I went out to buy polywood chairs and loggerhead adirondack chair. Premium Poly Patios is a great... Read More »
  • I’ve never joined a matchmaking service before and was pretty skeptical about it. I’ve been pleasantly surprised and highly recommend them. Read More »
  • The soap I got from my husband as a gift hooked me to natural products from Ocean Shores Soapworks. I now make orders for myself every month and I... Read More »
  • Inquiry Busters has presented on its website the authentic testimonials of the removals the company did for the clients. There are videos and blogs... Read More »
  • The fact that they allow pets at no additional costs is the most amazing part of their vacation rentals. For people who love to move around with th... Read More »
  • I had skepticism about what I was thinking about Amerihope. I was Wrong! First, I was contacted by Debbi to start and was immediately given a sense... Read More »
  • When buying an aged corporation from Wholesale Shelf Corporations, they will issue you a FREE Tax ID that is mandatory to have in such a purchase d... Read More »
  • I was so glad I hiredthem, they were so professional and nice! I love people like that. It really makes you feel so comfortable and they actually m... Read More »
  • I recently completed a refinance with Loan Depot. The process was seamless and the service was excellent. I never had a problem reaching Jenine or... Read More »
  • Fast Unsecured is known not only for its credit repair policies, but for the extreme customer care they demonstrate. They post informative content,... Read More »
  • You cannot visualize the merciless behavior that banks show you if some inquiries have hit you. You are totally in your dreams if you believe that... Read More »
  • They have a lot of good cars. It looks like they are in good shape and most of them look nice. I was happily surprised because I was able to find a... Read More »
  • The furniture that they sell is actually nice. It looks good and it was available for a good price. I'm actually glad to have bought with them. The... Read More »
  • I have been a member of their company for a year, they always ship the games that I rent in time and love that about them. I love how I can play so... Read More »
  • They have so many types of prints for everything. They all look fancy and fun and cute. They have so many good options. I highly recommend them. Read More »
  • Dustin was amazing and went above and beyond to help me secure the dates that I wanted for my two trips! I was very nervous at first but he walked... Read More »
  • I had to move out of my place for a couple months to do some renovations and I used American Choice Van Lines to store some of my belongings. Makin... Read More »
  • HLP is amazing to work with! Strike Alquizar was very helpful!! I really appreciate his help and I'm grateful for this program!! Read More »
  • Shawn knows his job very well. I got a lot of help to understand the filling and execution of documents in a short amount of time. I'm pleased with... Read More »
  • After facing a huge issue with disaster assistance from our mortgage lender we sought assistance from Amerihope Alliance. From the initial contact... Read More »
  • Since I moved to the state, I have been using these guys for small office furniture relocations. They also did a good job on one of my long distanc... Read More »
  • When you apply for a large amount of funding, it usually takes a little longer because of the struggle in finding the right lenders. With Fast Unse... Read More »
  • If I could hire this crew for every move I ever did in every city, I would! These guys were friendly, professional, efficient and so speedy! They k... Read More »
  • It is not very easy to trust an online dealer. The deletion experts eliminated all my fears. They will assist you in the most unexpected ways. Some... Read More »
  • The guard was friendly and vigilant. I did not feel insecure, but instead much protected. Informed me of everything and treated with humbleness. Read More »
  • Let me just say moving is the worst thing ever but with Sky Van Lines and the great crew of guys, moved my 2 bedroom apartment from westwood to cul... Read More »
  • My worst fear was the thought of losing my home. I felt that there was no hope and zero chance of staying in my home, considering my financial situ... Read More »
  • Just had our first visit from Erica and Marina, and my wife and I are very happy with the work they did! The arrived on time, walked the entire hou... Read More »
  • Your service is outstanding. I will recommend your services to everyone. Read More »
  • Excelente servicio Foto y Vídeo Chicago. Son expertos profesionales muy amables, atentos siempre mostraron interés por capturar las mejores imágene... Read More »
  • Wonderful moving experience. I will not forget this anytime soon and I will be recommending your company to anyone who will listen. Read More »
  • Excelente servicio Avenida Studios New York. Son expertos profesionales muy amables, atentos siempre mostraron interés por capturar las mejores imá... Read More »
  • Recently I have done a lipo with Dr. Nees, and I found that Dr. Nees is not only a professional plastic surgeon, but also a talented artist in his... Read More »
  • I had surgery at Strax Rejuvenation with Dr. John Nees on Friday July 20th, 2018. I went to Strax for a free consultation the same day that I calle... Read More »
  • Fast, friendly, polite, careful. Responded fast over email before and after the move. Arrived exactly on time (maybe a minute or two early). Wrappe... Read More »
  • Enterprise Consultant Group is a company I would refer any of my friends and family to. All the agents are welcoming and have a great knowledge of... Read More »
  • If the client has low scores and is thus continuously facing rejection from lenders, Top Tradelines sells seasoned tradelines that can help them. T... Read More »
  • I wanted a nice and small apartment to rent and they were super nice and found me exactly what I wanted! They really care about what you want as a... Read More »
  • I purchased new polywood table from Premium Poly Patios and am completely satisfied with all of it. Fine quality and fine service. My furniture was... Read More »
  • This is a wonderful experience for me. The staffs are very helpful and the teachers are dedicated to what they do. I find the class schedule to fit... Read More »
  • Great Services, First dive ever and I have to say it was a delightful experience. If you'd like to learn how to Scuba Diving? must join ocean enter... Read More »
  • If you like working with individuals that have lots of integrity and who are highly principled; then use ALT Financial Network. I have never had su... Read More »
  • Buying a spin bike has been more complicated than I could have imagined. Stephen made it easy. He was quick to call me back. Professional and perso... Read More »
  • Buyers beware Worst place to do business with. Uneducated people with no respect and cannot be honest to you in your face! Bunch of liars especiall... Read More »
  • My husband and I have just recently completed a refinance with Loan Depot. The service and professionalism was above reproach. Mr. Jason Doby, the... Read More »
  • Mitchell was absolutely great. He was patient, helpful and super diligent to find us a deal on our upcoming flights. After going back and forth and... Read More »
  • Johnny stayed engaged every step of the way and efficiently moved mountains to get the deal done. Will definitely use again. Trust is the name of t... Read More »
  • I really did benefit from taking your classes. I work in oilfield 90 hours a week and this helped tremendously on being able to take classes on my... Read More »
  • I really liked all the massage complex, it was very nice and relaxing. The only thing that I was offered additional services https://escortbrussels... Read More »
  • Awful! Awful! Awful! Order#: 49246. My name is Emily and this is my review of Superior Powersports (ironic name). I really hope the owner of this... Read More »
  • Don Tilly was awesome to work with. This company is fast, efficient, and Don was able to answer all my questions in a timely manner. Any problems I... Read More »
  • SFPM is a great company and very easy to deal with! We live in another time zone, but that didn't stop Iris from taking our calls. Very happy with... Read More »
  • After multiple times of having to call back with different dates since the ones that I kept choosing either weren't available, conflicted with my a... Read More »
  • They drove everything very carefully following my instruction, and once we got to my new home, unloaded and moved everything into place right where... Read More »
  • Love what I ordered and the size were perfect Read More »
  • I was having problems with mortgage tried litigation and modification Dovenmuehle was dual tracking and drag out process , for over 6 months. I fou... Read More »
  • Nrg Heating & Air Conditioning were especially meticulous in all work. I watched and they must love their job by showing pride in every moment of w... Read More »
  • National Credit Law Center has helped me with my credit management. I am so pleased with all the work that they did for my debt. I am now in the cl... Read More »
  • It was a pleasure to meet and work with Terry Weiler and Chystral Mayhugh during a request to refinance a VA Home loan with cash-out. Both loan off... Read More »
  • I have truly enjoyed my experience with Amerihope Alliance. The results have been great and just as explained to me, no surprises. Also, would like... Read More »
  • The scent of my bathroom is great following the introduction of natural soaps from Ocean Shores Soapworks. Besides the breathtaking scent, they are... Read More »
  • When I visit Ocean Shores I often spend time in the Nature Beach House where I get peaceful rest away from work. It has intriguing views of the oce... Read More »
  • My husband and I hired Elite Moving for our local move in Sacramento from a condominium to a house.  The thought of asking friends to help us move... Read More »
  • Laurie and Christian are committed to excellence and you can tell this immediately you visit their office. They helped me get my home and my family... Read More »
  • I have been working in Capanicus for more than 2 years and it's been a great time working here. The manager, CEO everyone is great in behavior and... Read More »
  • Its not like I never meet men. I get asked out often, but not by the type of men I want to marry. I have a college degree, own my home and want so... Read More »
  • Did a great job on our loan. Appreciate all the help. Read More »
  • I put up an offer to sell an account. I received several offers until one offered to auto-win price. I received an email from their website telling... Read More »
  • El fotógrafo enviado por Fotografía y Vídeo Chicago fue genial, recomiendo 100% su trabajo, su atención fue oportuna, sus fotos de calidad en todo... Read More »
  • I am very pleased with Frameless Shower Doors, the installation of the shower door in my bathroom has been perfect! The quality of the glass is exc... Read More »
  • Excellent teamwork from crewmembers; they kept time and were very professional throughout the move. Read More »
  • They send threatening letters to people using media that falls under 'fair-use' by the DMCA. Just a firm of copyright trolls. Read More »
  • Easy process and responsive customer service. Shopped around for a little while and they have the best prices compared to the others I spoke to. Read More »
  • A superior team member who is most thorough and professional in all aspects of her profession. Ms Descolline is the sole reason I have a renewed fa... Read More »
  • El fotógrafo enviado por Avenida Studio New York fue genial, recomiendo 100% su trabajo, su atención fue oportuna, sus fotos de calidad en todo el... Read More »
  • GPS
    I received firm and consistent guidance from GPS. It was the kind of direction I needed. I had just got into the industry with the business that I... Read More »
  • we recently moved and had a lot of items of value we no longer needed. This service was very efficient and helpful. Price offered in line with sell... Read More »
  • We were first time homeschooling parents and we needed some direction and support. This program just wasn't for us. After 2 weeks of using this pro... Read More »
  • I had the pleasure of working with TJ Caudill and Cindy Dang with Mr. Cooper. From day one, this was the easiest experience my husband and I have e... Read More »
  • We wanted to upgrade from static to a responsive web design for my accounting agency in Sharjah. Upon thorough research I chose INGIC in the light... Read More »
  • This is a very bad company and take the money and do a rubbish work after months of not years. And also if you don't accept their services they wil... Read More »
  • My experience was a beautiful one!! Especially after not having dived for 11 years... I was looking for a dive center that made me feel comfortable... Read More »
  • Ruth Gross at Amerihope answered every email and was always on top of my loan modification. She called every step of the way and explained everythi... Read More »
  • The quoting process was easy and accurate. The guys came over on time and hustled. It is always strange letting folks into your home for things lik... Read More »
  • My experience with Jenine and Loan Depot was surprisingly simple. Thank you for making this as seamless as it turned out to be. Read More »
  • I had a great experience with Loan Depot! Both Jenine Temimi and Carlos Tuscano were very helpful and friendly. I really like that almost everythin... Read More »
  • My experience from day one has been phenomenal. This was a huge decision for me. Both Alan Yu and Melissa Wethington were professional, personable,... Read More »
  • We are a food flavoring company and for some reason they treat us like a tobacco company. They tried to charge us bogus fees and we have had to rep... Read More »
  • I am very pleased with Tempered Glass NYC, the installation of the tempered glass in my study room has been perfect! The quality of the tempered gl... Read More »
  • The transfer of Roth IRA Assets and purchase of crypto currencies went smoothly. Quicker than I thought it would and easy. Read More »
  • Tamara Diai was very helpful to me she has one of the best customer service I ever encounter she was very polite and patient with me. Read More »
  • The team of 1 Stop Maintenance was professional and experienced so they knew exactly what they were doing. They outlined all the damage areas and h... Read More »
  • When you are looking to fix something as important and expensive as AC, you want someone you can trust. Nrg Heating & Conditioning is best for that... Read More »
  • Quality Customer Service is so hard to come by nowadays unfortunately. Luckily, Trinity Legal Services was top-notch. Not only did they fulfill eve... Read More »
  • We couldn't of been happier with the team. They were quick and professional throughout and were happy to help out when needed. They stored our good... Read More »
  • We were very happy with the service we received from this great company. They delivered on time without any hassle and were friendly all day. So gl... Read More »
  • Jenine went above and beyond to answer all my questions before we committed to LoanDepot. She even worked through the weekend when other loan compa... Read More »
  • Dustin made me feel like i was part of the team. He was able to assist me with my confirmation issue. Read More »
  • I worked with Jeff and his team on converting my standard IRA to a precious metals IRA and it was not only a seamless process, Jeff explained every... Read More »
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