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Complaint Posted 2/23/2021
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Unprofessional, rude, poor work ethic, no communication.
Summary: Unprofessional, rude, poor work ethic, no communication. DO NOT HIRE THIS GUY! - I wish I would have found the reviews before I hired him. I did not due my due diligence. Lesson learned. He is NOT a licensed contractor but comes across like he is. On Porch.com he has labeled himself a General Contractor. His BBB.com profile claims 38 years in business, listed under “building contractors” He is NOT PUNCTUAL – I think he has shown up once at 8am. All the other days he shows up whenever he feels like it… if he shows up at all. UNPROFESSIONAL - Even though I NEVER asked him for a discount or FREE work (both of which he offered and promised) he is quick to remind you of both. This ALWAYS comes up anytime you ask him about the quality, progress or scope of the job. He overpromises and underdelivers – He said he would be done with the first scope of work in two weeks, it’s been 5 and he is still not done. He is DIRTY – plastic bottles, cans, wrappers. Whatever he or his workers drink, the evidence is littered on the floor. He asked me for some cash, which I left under the mat in an envelope, I found the envelope littered in my back yard. Promised to clean up the concrete backwash and broken blocks, they are still in a pile in my back yard. UNORGANIZED – Tells me he will pick up material and be back to work the next day. He knows how much material to bring, shows up the next day (late as always) with no material. Says he’ll be right back, gone for hours. Unloads new material (but not enough to finish the job) and then leaves for the day. On multiple occasions has asked me to go to the store to buy things for him. DOES NOT BRING HIS OWN TOOLS – Has borrowed my pick, shovels and wheel barrow. Also damaged my garden house. Took a 4x4 sheet of plywood (I had set it aside for a project) from my back yard and used to mix concrete on it. When I politely asked him “is that my piece of plywood” he became defensive and said “I needed it, don’t make such a big deal out of it! I’ll get you another f****n piece of wood.” … he never replaced it. CONBATITIVE, SELF-RIGHTOUS AND DEFENSIVE – if you ask him anything regarding estimated completion or quality he immediately becomes offended and ends up throwing a profanity-laced tantrum before driving off down the residential streets at dangerous speeds. His pendulum swings quickly, he may be bi-polar. RUDE, DISMISSIVE and ABRASIVE – if does not agree with what you are saying he will cut you off mid-sentence to remind you of the great price and freebies he is “throwing in”. If you call him out on something he will walk away and leave you talking to yourself. I mentioned a type of tree that I want to plant when the work is done and he cut me off and changed the subject. Later he returned to the tree conversation and said “when I’m done then you can plant whatever bulls**t tree you want.” I never asked him to plant the tree, I merely brought up the tree type to ask if he had any experience with tree root issues damaging concrete regarding that particular species. MANUPILATIVE – will start on another job way before necessary to leave his “mark” on the project, thereby (in his mind) ensuring continuance of work. He tore up my walkway way before necessary, so for two weeks I walked on grass/dirt/rocks to get to my front door. When I asked him about a pour day for this scope of work, became defensive and combative. POOR QUALITY OF WORK - By coincidence there was concrete work going on at the neighbor’s house across the way. I overheard the general contractor talking to one of his concrete finishers about the shoddy work and crooked lines of my newly poured walkway. Even simple jobs like relocating sprinklers (which I told him I would do, but he insisted that he would do them) end up poorly done. When he FINALLY got around to pouring the entryway, I moved all the sprinklers to the correct locations. Some were as much as 12” away from the edge of the new concrete. BRASH AND ABNOXIOUS - Touts himself as a know-it all and that he knows everyone in the contracting business in the area. He would loudly call out the name of the contractor working across the street. You could clearly tell that the guy wanted little to do with Omar. It was almost embarrassing. I finally got tired of the no-show. 8 work days went by, no phone calls, no texts. Quickly approaching day 60 of a 2-week job. (he actually had bragged he could get the wall done in two days “If he wanted to.”) So I fired him. He said I owed him a $1,000. (I had already paid him a substantial amount of money in cash) I reminded him that an illegal contract is unenforceable and that according to CA state law, I could sue him for every penny I had already paid him. Via text he called me all sorts of expletives. I placed the three tools he did bring outside so he could pick them up. (He stored his cement mixer and a beat up wheel barrow in my yard and would occasionally come by to pick them up. He was using my yard as his storage.) He came to my front door and made a spectacle of himself, continuing to call me names. I took screen-shots of his texted tirade, and eventually had to block him. When people resort to name-calling it is because they have no valid argument. It is a sign of ignorance. DO NOT HIRE THIS GUY.
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